Member Engagement Committee

This new committee combines the Consumer Committee and the Recruitment & Retention committees into one committee. The membership engagement committee promotes the engagement of new members and the continued involvement of current members, helping them to recognize the value of their membership.

New members and those current members unfamiliar with HPG roles, responsibilities and language are encouraged to attend supportive orientation discussions before the general meetings to increase their understanding of the agenda and improve their ability and desire to participate.

Diverse community interests are needed to ensure proper representation of people living with or affected by HIV.

Goals include:

  • Increase opportunities for members to participate fully in general meetings
  • Increase numbers of new members attending meetings
  • Identify gaps in community representation and recruit from those target groups
  • Provide a format for small group interaction and information exchange for those with similar interests

The committee meets one hour prior to HPG General Membership meetings at the same location as the HPG meeting. See the calendar for specific dates, times and locations.