Sexual Health Merch

what’s included?

To help you achieve your sexual health goals, NH HPG can provide you with the tools needed to protect you and your partner(s). You can choose to order an HIV self-test kit, condoms, lubricant or all of the above! Keep reading to learn more about our sexual health merch and how to place an order!

hiv-self test kit

Getting tested is a key part of taking advantage of your sexual health. When you order an OraQuick Oral Antibody self-test kit from the NH HPG, your package will include instructions on how to use the kit. NH HPG will also include information on what you should do based on your results. 


Condoms can help protect you from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). All NH HPG condom packages carry an assortment of up to 25 latex or latex free condoms and 10 lubricant packs.

Please note that packages are available based on supplies on hand, which is subject to change. Quantities may vary.

who can order?

Free condoms, HIV self-test kits, and lubricant are available to be mailed directly, and discreetly, to the home or desired address of any person 18 or older living in the state of New Hampshire.

  • Submissions are limited to 1 order per person per 30 days.
  • Please come back and try again when the form has re-opened in a week if you are unable to order.
  • Any orders from outside of the state of New Hampshire will NOT be mailed.
  • One order per address can be placed every 30 days.
  • Condoms, HIV self-test kits, and lubricant will only be sent to people over the age of consent (18 years old).
  • Condoms, HIV self-test kits, and lubricant will only be sent to individuals and not organizations. Organizations who would like to order condoms, lubricant or HIV-self test kits, may contact us to register as a recipient organization.
how will my package arrive?

Whether you’re ordering condoms and lubricants or HIV self-test kits, your kit will be sent in a US Postal Service Priority Box and will have a return address from the Community Health Institute (CHI) in Bow, NH. The box does not indicate what the contents of the package are. CHI will mail the test kit to the address that you provide.

Attention: Due to increased demand, some orders may experience delays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our team is working diligently to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!