General meetings usually involve an educational presentation, with opportunities to learn about many topics related to HIV care and prevention.

Sometimes general meetings are business meetings, during which participants take action on issues required by federal funders. An example of a business meeting is the annual CARE Service Category Prioritization, during which all members participate in ranking the services most needed by people living with HIV/AIDS in New Hampshire.

There may also be discussion meetings, during which a topic is selected in advance to discuss in this larger group setting, giving an opportunity for all interested members to ask questions, give feedback and share their viewpoint.

The HPG general membership is comprised of any and all interested individuals. Members provide email contact information and are added to the HPG member list to receive meeting notices and other applicable information.

A “community member” can be anyone who wishes to participate in the HPG, but doesn’t necessarily work in the field of HIV/AIDS. There are no assumptions made about anyone who identifies themselves as a community member.

It’s important to remember that if you are a person living with HIV/AIDS, you are never required to disclose this information to the group or to any other HPG member unless you choose to do so.

Meeting dates, times and locations along with any cancellation information can be found on the HPG calendar.