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In the spotlight

Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, there have been individuals in New Hampshire who have made a significant impact in HIV prevention and care. The HPG wants to honor those whose efforts have helped to make NH a pioneer in HIV/AIDS prevention and prevention planning and who help NH continue to make significant strides in prevention and care.

Lynne Weihrauch, ARNP

Changing of the Guard

Lynne WeihrauchChange is often difficult and always challenging, and when that change includes the loss of an amazing provider, the difficulty is compounded.

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in NH, we have been fortunate to have some wonderful medical providers. One such provider is on the verge of retirement. Lynne Weihrauch, ARNP has been working with HIV patients in the Nashua area since HIV testing became available in 1985 at the Nashua Health Department and then with the Dartmouth Hitchcock HIV program beginning in 2003.

Lynne was a pioneer in the field of HIV Specialty Nursing, starting with her experience in Sexually Transmitted Infections. When HIV was first identified, it was a perfect fit for Lynne to be the first public health nurse in Nashua to provide HIV testing and counseling. The rest, as they say… is history.

During her 32 years providing HIV care, Lynne has seen hundreds of individuals and has earned a reputation for always going above and beyond to make sure her patients received the best care possible. She has spent countless hours tirelessly navigating the ponderous insurance minefield, battling to make sure her clients’ needs were met, as well as working diligently with other medical and behavioral health providers to coordinate necessary care, never leaving a stone unturned in her work to provide comprehensive, holistic care for her patients.

Lynne is leaving some VERY big shoes to fill. We wish her well in her retirement and hope she knows what a tremendous impact she has made on the HIV community in New Hampshire.